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Stuart L.

Stuart L.

Age: 50 / 3.7 HCP

5 stars

"I added 30+ yards..."

Since joining Golf Swing, my club head speed has increased from 106 MPH to 112 MPH, and I’ve added well over 30+ yards to my drives.

Rick M.

Rick M.

Age: 67 / 10.4 HCP

5 stars

"Best golf of my life..."

GOLF SWING IS AMAZING! I’m hitting more fairways and gaining back all the distance I’ve lost over time. 5 stars!

Darren D.

Darren D.

Age: 45 / 12.3 HCP

5 stars

"I finally broke 80..."

I lost my left arm in an accident, so golf is a challenge for me. Thanks to Golf Swing, I finally broke 80, and I won my Member Guest 2 times in a row!!

Tim C.

Tim C.

Age: 48 / 16.5 HCP

5 stars

"My slice is gone..."

For years, golf wasn’t fun. I just couldn’t figure it out. Golf Swing On Demand was what I needed to FIX MY SLICE.

Jeff J.

Jeff J.

Age: 51 / 8.6 HCP

5 stars

"Effortless power..."

I truly love playing golf, and Golf Swing has helped me get better each year. Especially my short game. Best of all, I got my 1st hole in one recently.

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