Dr. David Cook

Dr. David Cook

Founder, Author, Coach
Links of Utopia

Fredericksburg, TX

Golf Digest's Top 10 Mental Game Experts

Playing your best when it means the most. That’s Dr. Cook’s goal for you. For over 30 years he has been teaching the secrets of game day readiness and peak performance. He served as mental training coach for the San Antonio Spurs for eight years that included two NBA Championships. David has also worked with champions from the Olympics, MLB, NFL, PGA, and Fortune 500 companies. His specialty is tournament golf where he has coached numerous PGA Tour players and been named as a top 10 mental game expert in the world of golf by Golf Digest. Dr. Cook’s “SFT” process will enhance your competitive play. This process is featured in his best selling golf novel, Seven Days in Utopia: Golf’s Sacred Journey, which became an award-winning movie with the same title starring Academy Award winner Robert Duvall.  He has several instructional series featured here on golfswing.com where he teaches the mental game along with several alternative methods of playing golf (Face-On Putting, The Utopia Pre-Set Swing, and Face-On Chipping) that fuse the mental and physical games together. Dr. Cook also has his two novels (Seven Days in Utopia and Johnny’s US Open), his how-to book (The Psychology of Tournament Golf), the movie (Seven Days in Utopia), and his Face-On Putter™ available at linksofutopia.com. He has embedded the secrets of success throughout each. This information will inspire you as you continue to seek your dreams and goals in golf and life.

For information about working with Dr. Cook please go to: davidcookconsulting.com.

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Dr. David Cook is a Golf Instructor located in Fredericksburg, TX
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Game Day™ - Mental Approach
Dr. David Cook
Dr. David Cook

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